Artificer of Ink

I love making beautiful, minimalist, digital art.

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Magic Pitcher
Pouring soul unto you.

Seal Plant
Rooted seals.

Happy Whalphin
Swimming up to and with you.
'...A bit of whale, a bit of dolphin. ...'

Sharp and full of Vitamin A.

Chef Golfer
Pan-clubbing in the kitchen.


22 Monochrome Inked Fishes

- Negative space, stark black and white. Fishes in two hues, finned, tailed and frilly.
36 Inky Thick-Lined Fishes

- Bold strokes, playful aqua movements and underwater charms. 36 personality-driven fishes.
Abstract Nature Elementals

- Lines au naturale, which mesmerize, sweep and curve to the beauty and power of the elements.